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A Few Quotes

Indeed, your aspirations should be clear: live a quiet, reflective life; stay focused on your daily responsibilities; and take an active, hands-on approach to your business affairs. This is what we taught you. 12 In this way, you’ll live your life in a manner that is proper, keeping in mind those non-believers who look on from the outside; and you’ll not be under anyone’s thumb because of financial need.

Paul, 1Th 4:11-12 CWPT

Quote: There are those who look carefully into what comes before them, and assign to each thing its proper place, as is fitting. These we must praise as the followers of an approach to life that will not betray them.

Philo of Alexandria, Cherubim, 129f

Quote: It’s always the person who knows the least about something that has the most to say about it.

My Dad, Albert L. Collier)

Quote: Put two scholars in a room and you get nine opinions.

A Truth I Learned by Experience