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Faith in Search of Conversation2012  (Paperback)“Offers an entry into conversations that we absolutely must have if Christian faith is to continue to be a significant voice in our culture.”
Dr. William Kooi

“Tackles the classical issues related to canon and inspiration with amazing simplicity and earthiness.”
Dr. William J. Abraham

“An engaging account of several critically important discussions going on among biblical scholars and leaders in churches today.”
Dr. Lee Martin McDonald


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Divorce and the Christ Community:
A New Portrait, 2004.
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Available only here.So many books are written to “move” us and make us “soar”. This isn’t one of them. So many books are a rehash of what went before. . . . Collier’s book is no rehash of anything I’ve read.

Jim McGuiggan, Author (see full review)

“As I read the book I keep thinking,  ‘This book comes from the heart and not just the mind.’    It is so well researched over years of time and comes from a wealth of knowledge on the subject – but also comes from the heart of one who has seen the hurt and felt the hurt of divorce.  The scholarship is first rate here – but written in almost a story form at times.  Very readable for anyone.    I have read a dozen books or more on this subject through the years and I found this one to be the most helpful in my counseling and coaching families around the issue of divorce.”  

Bob Herndon, Minister, Tulsa, OK  


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The Forgotten Treasure:
Reading the Bible Like Jesus 1993
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This is a bold attempt to interpret Scripture as a believer and follower of Jesus and as one committed to Jesus’ community of faith which is manifested historically in the Restoration tradition of Churches of Christ. Collier’s very manner of presentation models what to me is a refreshing approach to biblical studies — reading the canonical texts with one’s own commitments to God and church always on the table.”

Andre Resner, Restoration Quarterly


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